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While Japan is famous for its snowy landscapes in winter, there are numerous trails and peaks that (mostly) remain clear of snow during the winter months. When hiking in winter always check conditions beforehand. Even though the hikes mentioned below don’t see much snow or none at all, there is always the possibility of a winter storm or a cold front passing through. If you’re looking for alpine snow hiking check this post.


Snowfree and Easy Winter Hikes in Japan

These next hikes might have snow in winter (approximately December to March) but less than the Alps and higher peaks. They are good for people getting started with winter hiking. Please make sure you have the right gear for cold temperatures, waterproof boots, snow or chain spikes and poles for traction and balance. In winter it’s always better to have too much gear than not enough. Think of it that way: if you get hurt and can’t walk anymore, what do you need to survive the night?

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