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Hatonosu Valley Okutama (Tokyo)

Hatonosu Valley Okutama Hike Tokyo

Hatonosu Valley is an beautiful and easy dayhike from Tokyo accessible by public transportation. You can walk it year-round and there is an onsen at the end. The water of the river has a really bluish green color and its beautiful even on a gloomy day. I went during rainy season and the water-levels were no problem.

⏲︎	Time: 3h30min
	Kanji: 鳩ノ巣渓谷
 	Location: Tokyo
	Distance: 6km
	Difficulty: Easy
	Elevation Gain: 545m
	Hiking Season: year-round


Take the train to Hatonosu station. From Shinjuku take the orange Chuo Line to Ome and there transfer to the Ome Line. Cost is 1.100Y and it taks 1:50min. You'll finish the hike at Okutama Station and take the train on the same line back.

From Hatonosu station go right and walk towards the river. There is a little toilet and bridge.

Trail description

Walk along the well marked trail for about 2:30min.

The trail is relatively easy to walk, good for kids or people that don't go hiking as often. But it's still very beautiful and perfect as a weekend escape from Tokyo. In summer I also saw some guys swimming (not sure how clean the water is).

Also interesting on this hike are the abandoned hotels right after the start. Prime example of Japans economic bubble in the 80s/90s.

There is also a little cafe here, I had some cake and coffee and the views are really nice.

Lastly close to Okutama is an Onsen, you'll have to backtrack a bit, but even when it's hot and humid soaking in an onsen always feels nice. I stopped here and then took the train back. Dont forget to pack some clean clothes and a small towel.


Campground in Okutama: Tent is 800Y per person. They have cottages too.

Elevation Profile & Map



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