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Rokko to Arima Onsen (Kobe/Hyogo)

Mt Rokko Hike Kobe

Rokkosan 931m (六甲山) is an easy dayhike from Kobe reachable by train. The hike has some nice views, little bit of climbing and you can have lunch at the top. We walked down to Arima Onsen, took a bath, and then went back to Kobe by train. Watch out for the boar, stay away if you see any. They can be quite aggressive.


Time: 6h

Distance: 12.4km

Location: Hyogo (Kobe)

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Gain: 1105m



Take the train to Ashiyagawa station and walk to the trailhead. It's about 15min walk to the trailhead.

I'm not sure if there is parking, I don't remember seeing any close to the trailhead. Since you finish at Arima Onsen I would suggest taking the train. Or park at the coin parking lots close to the station.

Trail description

After going through the foreat for a bit youll pass some shops and a small waterfall. The trail has a couple of small climbing sections, the rocks have an interesting color and you'll have nice views of the whole Kobe/Osaka bay area.

It took us about 3h to the top and we had a break before going to the peak. We then hiked down the other side to Arima Onsen.

Since there are a lot of trails on the mountain I recomend downloading the offline map from yamap. We also didn't always have service. Overall I think this hike is really nice, especially considering how close it is to the city.


We stopped at this little Shokudo for lunch before going down. Its about 20min walk from the peak.

Elevation Profile & Map


If you have any questions leave a comment below or message me directly through the chat!

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