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Mihara Izuoshima (Tokyo)

Mount Mihara Volcano Hike Oshima

Mihara 758m (三原山) is an active volcano and easy hike on Oshima. On a clear day you'll have views of Mt. Fuji and the mainland. There is a also a little restaurant at the trailhead and a visitor center (might be closed).


Time: 2-3h

Location: Oshima, Tokyo

Distance: 7km

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Gain: 300m



Depending on the season you might have to rent a car to get to the trailhead or walk all the way from the port. During summer/high season a bus will go up, but during off-season no public transportation is available (or at least it wasn't when we were there).

The bus has a dayticket for 2050Y. You have to take the green C line to stop No.8 (三原山頂口 行). It starts running in April and has 2-3 departures a day, so check them carefully. There are a couple of bus stops in town, we checked the one at the ferry port.

Trail description

Start at the visitor center and go down the little paved road after the restaurant. There is a semi abandoned building on the left. It took us about 40min up to the crater with very leisurely and slow walking. On the way you'll pass the lava fields from the last eruption in 1986. Then loop around the crater which takes another hour past some fumaroles and steam vents. Way back was about 40min.

Depending on the weather it will be quite cold and windy up by the crater. Bring an extra jacket, even if its a warm and sunny day. There is a toilet on the crater rim by the view tower.


No accomodation but a cute little restaurant next to the trailhead. We stayed at a little gueshouse in town, but not the most comfortable place. Owner was nice though.

Elevation Profile & Map


If you have any questions leave a comment or message me directly through the chat!

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