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Tenjosan Kozushima (Tokyo)

Tenjosan Kozushima Hike Tokyo

Tenjosan 572m is an easy dayhike on Kozushima with beautiful views of the ocean and island. It's steep up to the ridge, but the views are worth it. You can take a shuttle from the center of town to get to the trailhead and no car is needed.


⏲︎	Time: 4h
Kanji:  天上山
 	Location: Kozushima Tokyo
	Distance: 4.5km
	Difficulty: Easy
	Elevation Gain: 482m
	Hiking Season: year-round


You can choose from two different trailheads, shiro or kuro. The bus stops at both and you can go up the black one and then down the white one.

While a car is definitely useful to explore the rest of the island, I would recommend doing the hike with the bus, as there is no parking at the trailhead. Kuroshima trailhead has a toilet though.

The bus runs 3-4 times a day and it’s 500¥ to get to the trailhead (one way). Bring change, the driver didn’t have any when we went. The bus stops are called kuroshima (黒島登山口入口) and shiroshima (白島登山口入口). If you want a paper version of the schedule, they also have it at the ferry port.

Since we were there in the off season, there were only 3 buses a day. High season in summer should have a couple more. We took the first bus at 9:05 from Maehama port. And then the last one at 15:23 back to the port from the trailhead .

Trail description

I took my parents on this hike, so literally anybody can walk it. They were a bit tired but had no problems. It should take you about 45min up to the ridge and then it’s mostly flat. There are a couple different trails up there and depending on how much time you have/how fast you are, I would do one big loop to get to all the viewpoints.

My parents were tired, thats why we only walked a smaller loop. From the actual peak you have beautiful views of the whole island. In the center is also a little pond with shrine and an interesting compost toilet. You’ll have to pedal to move the sawdust.


No huts for the hike or anything but we stayed in guesthouse Teramachi which was nice and comfortable.

Elevation Profile & Map



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