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Tateyama Bessan Loop (Toyama)

Tateyama Bessan Hike Winter Snow

The Tatayama 3015m (立山) to Bessan 2880m (別山) loop is an intermediate hike around the Tateyama plateau. The hike is possible once the Kurobe Alpine Route opens.

Because of the easy access the first part of the hike is incredibly busy during summer so I recomend going early or during the week.

In spring winter gear like crampons and axe is needed.


Time: 6-7h

Location: Tateyama, Nagano

Distance: 10km

Difficulty: Intermediate

Elevation Gain: 1000m



From Toyama side at Tateyama station or Nagano side at Shinano Omachi only by public transportation through the Kurobe Alpine Route.

I would recommend reserving your tickets online beforehand as the early morning slots are always sold out.

Trail description

Start from Murodo (室堂) and make your way up to Mt. Onanji (大汝山). Should be around 2h.

Then follow the ridgeline until Bessan which took me 1.5h. Continue on the ridge until

Tsurugisawakoya and descent back to Murodo. In June this hike had plenty of snow still and the descent back down was a bit sketchy. Definitely check the snow levels if you go before July and bring adequate gear.

Tateyama ridgeline


Multiple hut along this route to turn it into an overnight hike or to see the sunrise. The huts around Murodo also have Onsen and I highly recommend taking a bath before you take the Kurobe Alpine Route back.

I went to Renpo for 700Y

Popular huts

Raichozawa Hutte (9800Y incl. 2 meals)

Tsurugigozengoya (12500Y incl. 2 meals/ +1500Y in April, May, June)

As always reservation required. Some huts around Tateyama and Murodo also require a deposit that needs to paid via bank transfer.

Map & Elevation Profile


If you have any questions leave a comment or message me directly through the chat!

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