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Yakedake Snow Hike (Nagano)

Volcano Yakedake in winter

Yakedake 2455m (焼岳) is a relatively easy winter hike. It's accessible from Nakanoyu Onsen. The hike has beautiful views from the Northern Alps and is only exposed at the top. Even though I would classify this as an easy winter hike, you'll still need crampons and axe. The way up is steep.


Time: 5:55min

Distance: 7km

Location: Nagano

Difficulty: easy/intermediate

Elevation Gain: 967m


yakedake winter hike
Yakedake in the back


Park at Nakanoyu Onsen, you need to call them beforehand and make a reservation for the parking spot. The gate will probably be closed but can be opened by hand.

By public transportation you need to take the bus from Hirayu Onsen and get off at Nakanoyu Onsen. It's still about an hour walk to the trailhead from the bus stop.

Trail description

The trail starts up the road behind the Onsen, you can walk through the forest and don't have to walk along the road.

The official trailhead will have a big sign with map etc.

The first 1:30 will be through the forest, after a short flat section the steep ascent starts. The winter route is not the same as the summer one, you'll go up the ridge instead. So don't rely on Yamap.

Snow was pretty deep when we went, which made it quite tiring. Also by the time we reached the peak, the weather had changed and we had strong winds and zero views. We only stayed for a couple of minutes and made our way down again.

Yakedake like other mountains in winter has an avalanche risk, so bring the right equipment and be prepared for quick weather changes.

Elevation Profile & Map


If you have any questions leave a comment below or message me directly through the chat!

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