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Ontake (Nagano/Gifu)

Ontake Volcano Peak

Ontakesan 3067 (御嶽山) is an active volcano at the border of Gifu and Nagano. Currently, a large part of the peak plateau is off-limits due to volcanic activity. It last erupted without warning in 2014, killing 64 people. There is also a ropeway going up from the other side, but it doesn't always run, which is when the Nigorigo trail is much easier/less elevation gain.

Ontake volcano hike

Time: 8h

Location: Gifu

Distance: 10.2km

Difficulty: Intermediate

Elevation Gain: 1123m



Always check the current warning levels, they are constantly changing and access might be closed. Yamap is also really helpful as the current closures are displayed on their map.

Getting to Ontake is actually a bit of a hassle because of its remote location. There is no highway close by, so even with a car it takes a while, considering how close it is to Nagoya.

There is a bus to the ropeway from Kisofukushima station. 2.500¥ return with the free pass (available at the station). The bus doesn't always run, sometimes just on weekends, so make sure to check the times/link. If it does run it has 3 departures a day.

Ropeway: Usually from June to November; 8:30- 16:00 (times depend on the day, so check beforehand)

Nigorigo Onsen Free Parking at the trailhead

Trail description

Start early as Ontake often has bad weather rolling in later in the afternoon. You should reach the little shelter box after about 1.5h. The trail is pretty new and well maintained. Lots of wooden steps on the way up. After that it's another hour to Gonoikegoya. The owners are really nice, definitely have a chai tea or some of their famous apple pie.

Loop around the pond and then continue on to Marishitenyama for some views of Ontakesan Kengamine. When we went in early June 2022, we couldn't get any closer to the crater. Since this is always changing, maybe you'll get lucky.


Gonoikegoya: 14.000¥ incl 2 meals (stay without meals is not possible. Reservation required.

Ninoike huette: 11.000¥ incl 2 meals (bring your own cup and sleeping bag liner) Reservation required.

Ishimuro Sanso: 11.000¥ incl 2 meals. Reservation required.

Nigorigo Open Air Bath : 600¥

If you want to do some forest camping the night before we stayed at Ontake Natural Recreational Forest Kurumijima Campground, which also has a trailhead connecting to Ontake. Very beautiful, cold and quiet in June.

Elevation Profile & Map


If you have any questions leave a comment or message me directly through the chat!

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