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Ontake Iimori Kogen Route (Nagano/Gifu)

sannoike pond ontake volcano


Ontakesan 3067m is an active volcano at the border of Gifu and Nagano. The plateau around the peak is vast with multiple huts and lakes. Since July 2024 the peak Kengamine can be climbed again and the whole peak area will be open. For the peak a helmet is a mandatory requirement. The trail described here also has a ropeway.

⏲︎	Time: 5-6hKanji: 御嶽山Location: GifuDistance: 9kmDifficulty: Beginner/InterElevation Gain: 972mDayhikeHiking Season: mid June
	to mid October

Always check the current warning levels, they are often changing and access might be closed. Yamap is also really helpful as the current closures are displayed on their map. From July 2024 the peak Kengamine is scheduled to be opened for the first time since the 2014 eruption.


Public Transportation

Take the train to Kiso-Fukushima station and then the bus to the ropeway. The bus is 2.500¥ return with the free pass (available at the station).

The bus doesn't always run, sometimes just on weekends, so make sure to check the times/link. If it does run it has 3 departures a day.

Ropeway: Usually from June to November; 8:30- 16:00 (times depend on the day, so check beforehand)


Park your car at the ropeway or a little higher at Nakanoyu. Nakanoyu adds about 45min walking time but saves the ropeway fee.

Trail description

Start from the ropeway and keep to the left. There are some stairs to the right but those only go up to a shrine.

The first 10min of the trail are on a well maintained and flat path to Ichinomatagoya. After the hut the trail changes to a proper hiking trail.

The trail up is a mix of forest trail, wooden steps and wooden boardwalks. It’s in good condition and maintained.

After Nyonindo you’re out of the forest and it gets more steep and rocky. From here you’ll already have views of the peak and the landscape becomes more volcanic with beautiful colored rocks and a sulfur smell.

You’ll also pass a couple of shrines, monuments etc on the way up.

When you get to Ishimuro Sanso keep left to go around the hut. (The right path goes through the hut)

From here it’s only 10 more minutes up to the plateau.

You can then climb up the peak of Kengamine and explore the plateau. Make sure to go over to see Sannoike, a beautiful small pond in an old crater.

Then either go back the same way you came or loop around as we did. The loop back down is overall more difficult than the rest of the trail. It’s steeper and the rock is loose and crumbly in parts. In June it also had multiple snowfields left that might require spikes or crampons.

Depending on the opening times of the ropeway, the schedule for this hike can be quite tight. Keep an eye on the time and the last ropeway.

If you want to hike Ontake from the back and Nigorigo Onsen check here.


Gonoikegoya: 14.000¥ incl 2 meals (stay without meals is not possible. Reservation required.

Ninoike huette: 11.000¥ incl 2 meals (bring your own cup and sleeping bag liner) Reservation required.

Ishimuro Sanso: 11.000¥ incl 2 meals. Reservation required.

Elevation Profile & Map


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