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Hakusan Hirasedo (Nagano)

Hakusan volcano hike

Hakusan 2702m (白山) is a "sacred" volcano in Nagano/Ishikawa/Gifu prefecture. The mountain can get quite busy in summer and the Hirasedo trail (Gifu side) is a bit less crowded. It also has an insanely blue dam lake at the bottom and an open-air onsen next to it. While I would recomend this route, it is only accessible by car and the access road is not always open. Later in the year only on weekends and closed after heavy rain the day/night before. Make sure it's open before you drive out there.

Mount Hakusan hike

Time: 7-8h

Location: Nagano

Distance: 15.5km

Difficulty: Intermediate

Elevation Gain: 1637m



The access road is closed for most of the year, and usually only open in July and August. Even then, it's closed depending on weather, rockfall, etc. Check their website beforehand and be prepared for sudden closure. If it's open though, this area is incredibly beautiful, and Hakusui lake and onsen alone are worth the drive.

If you want to use public transportion you need to start from the Bettodeai trailhead and Ishikawa side.

Trail description

It takes about 1:30min to Mt. Okura shelter where you could also stay overnight. From there it took us another hour to Hakusan Murodo, the big visitor center and hut just below the summit. There are toilets, restaurant, snacks etc.

After another 50min we made it to the peak and looped around the plateau. Weather wasn't great and we were in the clouds for most of it.

I'm sure the loop is beautiful on a sunny day, even in the clouds the little ponds were nice. Then it's back down the same way and don't forget to stop by the onsen. There is also a waterfall a 10min walk from the road if you finish early.


Mt. Okura Shelter: No toilet or water

Hakusan Murodo: 11.300¥ incl 2 meals. Reservation required

Hakusan Forest Campsite (at the trailhead). Reservation required.

Oshirakawa Onsen : 500¥ per person (pay in the little cafe/house)

Elevation Profile & Map


If you have any questions leave a comment or message me directly through the chat!

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