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Nagiso (Gifu)

Mount Nagiso Hike

Nagiso 1679m is an intermediate loop hike in Gifu. This hike is great as a dayhike from Nagoya and has a little more challenge than other hikes in the area. There are a couple of chains and lots of ladders. On a clear day you'll have views of the alps from the top.

⏲︎	Time: 4h
	Kanji: 南木曽岳 
 	Location: Gifu
	Distance: 6km
	Difficulty: Intermediate
	Elevation Gain: 812m
Hiking Season: June 
	to November



Park just before the trailhead. It was 200¥ donation and it's quite small. Come early if you go on the weekend and in summer. There are also toilets (no toilet paper, a little dirty).

Public transport

Take the train to Nagiso station and there change to the bus to Okoshi. It takes 17min. Depending on the season there are 4-6 departures a day. For most of the year the first departure is at 8:40. From here its about an hour walk to the trailhead.

Mount Nagiso Hike views

Trail description

The first bit until the trailhead is on a forest road. After that it's pretty steep until you get up to the little plateau.

The way up is a combination of planks, ladders and stairs and really fun. It's a nice little challenge and relatively short.

You'll also pass a stream and small waterfall. There are no views from the actual peak, but if you go a little further the area will open up and you'll have some nice views of the central alps.


Minami Kisodake Shelter: I can't remember if it's free, but the toilet was 100¥ donation. It looked nice and clean. Maybe space for 10-15 people.

Elevation Profile & Map



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