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Harinoki (Nagano/Toyama)

Mount Harinoki Peak views

Harinokidake (針ノ木岳) is an intermediate dayhike with beautiful views of the Kurobe Dam and the Hotaka mountains. There is a snow valley for most of the year but when we went in late September it had melted enough that we didn't need crampons.

Mount Harinoki Hike

Time: 7-8h

Location: Toyama

Distance: 11.9km

Difficulty: Intermediate

Elevation Gain: 1523m



The trailhead is at Ogisazawa station which is easily accessible by public transportation. Ogizawa is also the start for the Kurobe Alpine Route from the Nagano side, so there are buses from Tokyo and plenty of facilities.

Parking was 1000Y

Trail description

Start at the station and walk to the left of the big main building. You can either walk through a forest trail or up the road.

It took us about 45 min to Osawagoya and then another 1:40min up to the rideline.and Harinoki hut. We had a small break and then went on to the peak. The views were beautiful. If you have extra time and energy you can do a detour to Rengedake (should be +2h return).

The last bit of the trail up is quite steep and sandy but not difficult. If you go before September bring crampons for the snow field.


Harinokigoya : 11.000Y incl 2 meals

Tent: 1000Y per person

Osawa goya: 10.000Y incl 2 meals

Tent: 1000Y per person

Reservation required

Elevation Profile & Map


If you have any questions leave a comment or message me directly through the chat!

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