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Tsurugi from Banbajima (Toyama)

Tsurugi Hayatsuki Ridge

Tsurugidake 2999m is an expert hike in Toyama because of the elevation gain and steepness of the ridge. The hike has some technical sections and is exposed, but the main difficulty are the 2300m gain that need to be climbed in only 7km on the Hayatsuki ridge. Tsurugi can also be climbed from Murodo, but this route is a lot less busy and more strenuous.

⏲︎	Time: 15hKanji: 剱岳Location: ToyamaDistance: 14.1kmDifficulty: ExpertElevation Gain: 23353mMultiday: 2D/1NHiking Season: Mid July to
	mid October


The route from Banbajima is only possible by car, there is no bus or public transportation. If you want to hike Tsurugi and have no car, you need to start at Murodo or take an expensive taxi.

The trailhead is next to a free campground and I would recomend to come early and to stay at the campground the night before, to get an early start. There are toilets and running water, but no drinking water. So bring a filter or bottled water.

Trail description

Day 1: 10h, 9.5km, 2318m elevation gain, 858m down

Almost immediately, the trail goes straight up and is steep. Except for one little section, it's a constant uphill climb over roots and rocks with the help of a couple of chains.

It took us 3:15h to reach Hayatsukigoya, where we took a little break and set up our tents to lighten our packs. Then, we continued on to the peak. The trail over the Hayatsuki ridge, compared to the one from Murodo, is less technical, but there are still plenty of exposed sections where you could fall to your death. Be careful, especially when it's wet. From the hut, it's another 2:15h to the peak.

Once you get to the peak, it's probably going to be much busier, as the Murodo trail is more popular. We didn't have any nice views as the peak was completely in the clouds. If you go in the summer, try to go as early as possible to increase your chances of an unobstructed view.

Day 2: 2:30min, 4.6km, 1459m down

Not much to say, we went down fast, just wanted to get to an onsen.


Hayatsukigoya : 12.500Y incl. 2 meals. Tent: 1000-2000Y per person, I don't remember. Reservation required.

Elevation Profile & Map



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