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Yakushi (Toyama)

Mount Yakushi


Yakushidake 2926m is a beautiful hike in Toyama belonging to the Tateyama range. It's known for its natural beauty and being more remote. It's harder to reach the trailhead with public transportation, but it's worth it and I love this area. This is also a good starting point to traverse all the way to Yarigatake.

Kurobegoro Yakushi hike

⏲︎	Time: 11hKanji: 薬師岳Location: ToyamaDistance: 20.9kmDifficulty: IntermediateElevation Gain: 1808mMultiday: 2D/1NHiking Season: mid July
	to mid October



Start at Oritate Campground. The campground is free if you want to camp the night before. Parking is also free.

The access road is closed in winter, so you can't use this trail until it open. It's also closed at night, so make sure you get there before 8pm if you want to start early the next day/camp there. It should open at 6am.

Public Transportation

From mid-July to mid-August there is a bus from Toyama station every day. After August until October it only runs Friday to Sunday.

It leaves at 6:10 and takes 2h. The bus back to Toyama station is at 12:30.

Cost one way is 4300¥ and you can make a reservation by phone. If it's full you won't be able to board.

Trail description

Day1: 2:30min, 7.7km, 1047m elevation gain

From the parking lot the first part of the hike is through the forest.

Once you get out, you'll be on a really well maintained trail with wooden steps and boardwalks. Honestly, this hike was probably one of the best maintained I've seen in Japan.

It took us 3:00h to Tarodairakoya, where we had a long break and ate some lunch.

Tent registration is at the campsite, which is an additional 15min from the hut.

There is running water and toilets there. In 2022 tent registration was open until 17:00.

Day 2: 5:50min, 13.1km, 760m elevation gain

The next day is up to the peak, we started early (4:30am) and had beautiful sunrise colors on the way up. Right after the campground the trail is partly in a stream, so having waterproof shoes definitely helps. I always wear trailrunners and had to be very careful, to not get wet feet.

It took us a little less than an hour to Yakushidakesanso (another option for the night, if you want to be closer to the peak). From there it was only another 30min up to the peak. The last bit is on loose rock and a bit steep.

Next to the peak is a little shrine and it was quite cold in August at 6am. I really wanted gloves, but didn't bring any.

After a short break we went back down, we rushed a little because the drive back from that area takes a long time.

Arrived back at the parking lot after about 4h, including a break at the campground to pack up our tent and stuff.


Tarodairakoya: 11.000Y incl 2 meals. Tent 1000Y per person. Reservation required.

Yakusshidake Sanso: 13.000Y incl 2 meals. Reservation required.

Elevation Profile & Map



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