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Nishizawa Gorge (Yamanashi)

Nishizawa gorge waterfall hike

Nishizawa Gorge is an intermediate dayhike easily accessible from Kofu or Kawaguchiko. The gorge is famous for its many waterfalls and beautiful fall colors. Some sections are a bit exposed and might be slippery if you walk it as a loop.

⏲︎	Time: 3h
	Kanji:  西沢渓谷
 	Location: Yamanashi
	Distance: 10km
	Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation Gain: 685m
	Hiking Season: July
	to November


Public Transportation

Take the bus from Enzan station South Exit. It has 4 departures a day and costs 1050¥ one way. Check google for the times. First one is at 8:30 currently. Name of the bus stop is Nishizawa Keikoku Iriguchi.


Park at the free parking lot next to a souvenir shop. (During fall season it might be paid)

The toilet is at the trailhead another 20min up the road.

Trail description

From the parking lot walk up the hill past the souvenir shop. For the first 15min you'll walk on a forest road, then once you get to the toilet keep straight and you'll pass an abandoned old lodge.

The trail has 2 sections, up the river and down. The trail up is along the river and steep/exposed at times. There are some chains to help you along.

It's not really difficult, but if you're not sure footed, go in and out by the other trail.

The way back is along an old forestry railway and much easier than the path along the river. This section can also be walked by kids and then you can go down the "steps" by the waterfall.

Caution: currently the last set of falls is not accessible/closed because of a landslide in 2021.

Elevation Profile & Map



Jan 31

Hi, is the waterfall cascades accessible now? Do you know if the last set of waterfall is now accessible? Are the tracks all well-marked or do we need a guide? I can't seem to find the trail map in English. Appreciate if you can assist. Thank you! B

Feb 15
Replying to

You can check Yamap with google chrome. Last time I checked the trail was still closed. The landslide was quite big.

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