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Osugidani (Mie)

Osugidani waterfall hike

Osugidani valley is an advanced in-and-out hike in Mie. It's one of Japans top 3 most beautiful valleys and accessible from spring to fall. (The gate is closed and locked outside of the season)

The valley receives a lot of rainfall and it's notoriously hard to get a good weather day. Spring and fall usually have the best weather and no or less mountain leeches.

The hike is always a bit wet and slippery and it's very exposed with most parts secured by chains. A lot of people have slipped and died on this hike so proceed with caution.

⏲︎	Time: 9hKanji: 大杉谷Location: MieDistance: 16kmDifficulty: DifficultElevation Gain: 1870m
☀	DayhikeHiking Season: May to

osugidani hike trail

Osugidani has a 1000¥ maintenance fee payable at the vending machine at the trailhead. The trail was closed for 10 years because of a typhoon and requires lots of maintence. Please support the area and pay the fee!



Park at the trailhead next to a power station with limited parking spots. Up the road will have a couple more.

Public Transportation

Take the mountain bus from Okuise Odai Michi No Eki (道の駅奥伊勢おおだい). It runs from April to November and requires reservation beforehand. It's 3000¥ one way, has 1-2 departures a day and takes 90min.

Trail description

Start from the power station and follow the river upstream. It's a constant up and sometimes down along the river until you reach Momonokigoya after about 3h.

The trail has lots of exposed sections and often it's chiseled into the rock. Water is seeping out which makes it very slippery and there is lots of algae on the trail.

The most exposed sections have chains to hold on to.

Along the trail are lots of suspension bridges with beautiful views of the rivers and waterfalls.

You can continue this trail all the way to Odaigahara or turn around once you leave the river.


Momonokigoya (11.000¥ incl 2 meals)

Awadanigoya (10.000¥ incl 2 meals).

Both require reservations.

Elevation Profile & Map



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