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Houozan Loop (Yamanashi)

Houousanzan Hike

Houozan 2840m, and it's 3 peaks, Jizo, Kannon and Yakusi, is a difficult dayhike or intermediate overnight hike in the Southern Alps. On the way to Jizodake you'll pass some beautiful waterfalls and the whole hike is very scenic.

Southern Alps Waterfall

⏲︎	Time: 13hKanji: 鳳凰山 Location: YamanashiDistance: 16.5kmDifficulty: DifficultElevation Gain: 2138kmDayhike (or overnight)Hiking Season: Mid July to
	mid October



Park your car at Aoki Kosen. There is also an onsen here and a campground. Parking is 800¥, if you come early they'll put a ticket on your window and you need to go back and pay at the onsen. Also the first part of the road is unpaved but it gets better after a couple of minutes.

Public Transportation

Take the train to Nirasaki station and from there the bus to Aoki Kosen.

It's 1800¥ one way plus 200¥ luggage fee. From mid July to mid August it runs every day, before and after that check the link and schedule. First departure is at 7:10. Last departure back to the station at 17:00. It takes 55min.

Trail description

After the Onsen you'll be in the forest until you get to Houougoya. On the way you'll pass some waterfalls and I recommend walking down the little footpath to the big one, it's worth the detour.

The trail up is pretty steep but the trail is not difficult. It took us 3:15min to the hut. If you want to hike this hike in 2 days you'll stay here. (Estimate for this section is 6h, so it depends on how fast you are)

After the hut it was another 35min to the peak. Estimate is 1h for this section. The last bit to the peak is sandy and steep and its quite tiring, especially if you walk it as a dayhike.

Once you're up on the ridge there are some jizo statues and the peak will be on your left. You can kinda climb around it and almost get to the top but for the last bit you need ropes.

For the next peak go back down to the junction where you came up and then up on the other side. It took us about 40min to Kannondake and then another 15min to Yakushidake. The ridline has beautiful views and the rocks and boulders have nice colors.

From Yakushidake it was 3:10min back to Aoki Kosen on switchbacks through the forest and later a forest road.

The total estimate for this hike is around 13h, so unless you're a fast walker start early or stay overnight at Houougoya.


Houougoya: 10.000¥ incl 2 meals. Tent 2000¥. Reservation for both required.

Aoki Kosen Campground at the Trailhead: I think the fee is the same as parking, 800¥

Elevation Profile & Map



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