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Asahidake Nakadake Onsen Loop (Hokkaido)

Asahidake Hike Daisetsuzan National Park

The Asahidake 2291m to Nakadake Onsen Loop is an intermediate loop hike in the Daisetsuzan National Park. This hike is a great option if your looking for something a bit longer and challenging than just going to the peak of Asahidake. On the way around you'll also pass by Nakadake Onsen and you can soak your feet in a wild hot spring. The hike has a variety of terrain from alpine ponds to geothermal volcanic areas. This hike is best done in July - September. After that be prepared for snow.


⏲︎	Time: 7-8h
Kanji: 旭岳 
Location: Hokkaido
Distance: 11km
Difficulty: Intermediate
	Elevation Gain: 800m
	Hiking Season: July to



Make your way to the Asahidake ropeway and park next to the ropeway. It's 500Y per car. The parking lot is relatively small, so if you come during fall-color season make sure to come early and expect crowds

Public transport

Take the train to Ashikawa Station and then the bus to Mt. Asahidake (旭岳). It takes about 1:40min and costs 1800Y. There are 4 departures and the earliest bus is at 7:11am.

The ropeway costs 2.200Y - 3200Y depending on the season roundtrip. The schedule also depends on the season. Check the link, its usually between 6:00 and 9:00 am.

Trail description

Start from the upper ropeway station. Fill out your hiking itinerary and put it in the little box. Follow the signs for Asahidake and make your way up the steep and rocky slope. It took us about 2h up to Mt. Asahidake. If you have less time or are tired you can finish here and just turn back.

After the peak the slope down is a bit steep and sandy, we had some beginner hikers with us on this trip and they really struggled here. It takes about 1h to Mamiyadake and then another 45min to the wild hot spring. From the onsen its about 2h back to the ropeway. This last section of the hike was really beautiful and you walk on boardwalks through a marshy area with lots of little ponds.


Campground Ura Asahi: No facilities, water from snow melt, needs to be filtered. No toilets, pack out your waste. You can get wag bags from montbell for example.

Extra Precautions

Daisetsuzan National Park is known for extreme weather changes. One moment it might be sunny and warm, the next moment you can't see the trail and its pouring. Bring rain clothes and additional layers for warmth.

Elevation Profile & Map



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