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Yoro Loop (Gifu)

Mount yoro hike

Yorosan 859m is an easy dayhike from Nagoya. The loop I walked was a bit more difficult, not well marked and very overgrown. If you are looking for an easy dayhike I would just go to the peak of Yoro. The bottom of the mountain also has a waterfall and beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

⏲︎	Time: 5-6h
	Kanji: 養老山
 	Location: Gifu
	Distance: 13.3km
	Difficulty: Easy
	Elevation Gain: 1250m
	Hiking Season: year-round
	Snow: Jan to Feb


If coming from Nagoya take the train to Ogaki and there transfer to Yoro station. Takes 1:10min and cost depends which train but I paid 1190¥.

From there either walk (about 20min to park entrance and 40min to the waterfall) or take the free shuttle bus (only on weekends).

Trail description

If youre only going to climb Yorosan then head to the waterfall. The trailhead starts from the street behind the ropeway/next to the waterfall. Walk along the road for a moment and then follow the sign for Mt. Yoro. Its about 4h for the loop depending on your walking speed.

If you have more time and are looking for a bit of a challenge, check the map below for the trailhead. You'll have to turn right and then go up a little street. The trailhead is not really visible and for most of the time youll just scramble up finding your own path and following sparse pink ribbons.

After about an hour youll get out at Omoteyama. Here you can either turn left and go across the ridgline or straight to Urayama. Both trails are not well marked, Yamap and gps is really helpful. If you go to Urayama that adds about 1:30min. Across the ridge is only 20min.

From there youll connect back to the main trail and the signage will be much better and there will be plenty of other hikers.

Go back down to the waterfall and if you have extra time you can also check out Yoro Park. It has lots of surreal archtitecture and sculptures. (770¥ for the architecture part)

Elevation Profile & Map



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