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Gozaisho (Mie)

Mount Gozaisho

Gozaishodake 1212m is my favorite dayhike from Nagoya and an easy to intermediate hike depending on which trail you take and if you use the ropeway. It's easily accessible by bus from Nagoya station and in my opinion the nicest mountain close to Nagoya. There is also a waterfall behind the ropeway station which is worth the little detour.


⏲︎	Time: 3-4hKanji: 御在所岳Location: ShigaDistance: 6kmDifficulty: EasyElevation Gain: 750mDayhikeHiking Season: year-round



Park at the ropeway station. Parking is 1000¥. You can also park along the road close to one of the trailheads but then you'll have to walk along the road to get back to your car and there are only a couple of spots.

Public Transportation

Take the direct Mie Kotsu bus from Meitetsu Bus Center (Nagoya). It has one departure on weekdays and two on the weekend. Cost is 1500¥ one way. You can use your IC card or buy a ticket at the bus center.

Trail description

Mount Gozaisho has many trails which makes it perfect for a loop. There is also a ropeway to skip the elevation gain but honestly the peak is not very nice and it's the actual hike thats beautiful.

I like going up along the river and then down one of the "middle" trails which have a couple of climbing and rock sections.

The trail stars right behind the ropeway and after 5 min keep right towards the river. You'll walk on a little walkway with a fence next to it. Once you get to the river walk up the driveway (or go down the little path to the river to see the waterfall), past a small parking lot (for the lodge) and an abandoned van. Continue along the river upstream until you get to Tonai goya. If you climb on the weekend they will be open and you can get food/drinks and use their toilets. After the hut continue upstream towards Kunimitoge.

From Kunimitoge it will only be another 20min to the peak and you'll walk on the ski slope.

The peak of Gozaisho is sadly very developed with lots of buildings, roads, shops etc. You can walk around a bit but there isn't much to see in my opinion.

To go down head to the ropeway and if you have a look at Yamap you'll see there are two trails heading down. Take the left one, that keeps on the left side of the ropeway. You can either walk around the ropeway building or go through. This trail has a couple of easy climbing sections and is really fun. After about 1:30min you'll get back to town and walk along the road back to the ropeway or wherever you parked your car.

If you go during summer watch out for mountain/forest leeches. The Suzuka Mountains are infested with them, especially in cool and shady areas. Bring salt just in case.

If you want to hike Gozaisho in the off-season check here


Tonai Goya: 5700Y incl 2 meals per person. Only open on weekends/public holidays. Reservation required.

Elevation Profile & Map



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