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Yatsubuchi no taki (Mie)

Waterfalls Lake Biwa

Yatsubuchinotaki is a difficult waterfall hike next to Lake Biwa. The trail follows a river upstream past several waterfalls. Part of the trail is collapsed and there have been fatal accidents in the past. This hike is not for beginners but very fun if you can handle vertical climbs on wet rock.

⏲︎	Time: 6h
Kanji: 八淵の滝
Location: Mie
Distance: 10km
	Difficulty: Difficult
	Elevation Gain: 1010m


Park your car at the campground and walk up the road through the campground. Once you see their main building keep right and walk towards the forest. The trail starts at the river.

For public transporation take the train to Omi-Takashima station and then the bus (Hata line) to Gullive-Ryoko Mura. Takes 25min and costs 220¥. There are currently only two busses going there and one going back. (Timetable). Times are also on google maps. 9:04 is the first one and going back at 16:05.

Trail description

The first part of the trail is along the river, there might be signs that the trail is closed, because it got severly damaged during a typhoon, but its possible to still "walk" it.

At times it will be hard to spot where you're supposed to go. Follow the pink ribbons.

This section includes lots of climbing on bolders, chains, ladders, bolts and ropes.

The maps make it seem like a super deadly hike with skulls at four sections and from what I have read people have died at some of them.

If youre comfortable with exposed climbs you'll be fine though. If you have never used ropes/chains etc on a hike this is not the hike to get started.

After the big waterfall, you'll have two more vertical walls to climb and then youll mostly be in the forest. This area has no cell phone reception and lots of different trails, I would recomend using Yamap and downloading the "Bunagadake" map beforehand, so you can check if you're unsure.

Once you get to the peak youll have to backtrack a bit and then you can walk it as a loop getting back to Gullivers Village.

Elevation Profile & Map



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