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Kisokoma (Nagano)

Kisokoma in Fall

Kisokomagatake 2956m is an intermediate winter hike/easy summer hike. The ropeway makes it much easier for both winter and summer because you can skip a lot of elevation. This is a good hike if you want to get high up and have nice views, but don't want to climb through the forest for hours.

This is also a good mountain to practice with crampons and axe, but the avalanche risk is high in winter, so check the conditions beforehand.

⏲︎	Time: 4hKanji: 西穂高岳Location: NaganoDistance: 4kmDifficulty: IntermediateElevation Gain: 490mDayhikeHiking Season: year-round



Park at Ina/Komagane. Parking is 800¥.

Public Transportation

There is a direct bus from Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Center. Or from Tokyo/Osaka.

From thr parking lot/bus stop you need to take a bus to the ropeway station (private road, no car access).

The bus to the ropeway takes about 30 min and runs every 30 min at 00 and 30. In winter only once an hour at 00.


Roundtrip bus: 1660¥

Roundtrip ropeway: 2030-3050¥ prices change depending on the season/day.

kisokoma snow hike

Trail description

Start at the ropeway station and walk towards the right, then head pretty much straight up the mountain. In summer, there are little stairs and switchbacks, in winter you just go straight up. After reaching Tenguso hut (about 1h), keep going towards the right to Nakadake and then Kisokoma. Total time to the peak should be around 1.5h, depending on snow level and speed.

I hiked this twice, once in mid May and once at the end of October. Both times there was snow, but in October only at the top. May had deep snow everywhere.

kisokoma winter snow hike


Lots of huts and even a hotel. The mountain huts are all 13.000¥ incl. 2 meals.

Tenguso : open in July

Hoken Sanso: open in April, also has special NewYears opening time

Chojo Kisokoya: open in July

Tent : 2000Y per person incl water and toilet

Hotel Sensojiki: check their website, cost depends on number of guest and dates

Elevation Profile & Map


The pictures are a mix from May and end of October.


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