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Kamagadake (Mie)

Mount Kamagadake peak

Kamagadake 1161m is an intermediate hike perfect for people who are looking for a little challenge compared to Gozaisho. It can also easily be combined into a long loop hike with Gozaisho or made shorter by using the ropeway for the way up/down. Just like Gozaisho it's easily accessed from Nagoya by direct bus.

⏲︎	Time: 4h
	Kanji: 鎌ヶ岳
 	Location: Mie/Shiga
	Distance: 6km
	Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation Gain: 500m
	Hiking Season: July 
	to November


Park your car at the ropeway station. Parking is 1000¥ per car. You can also park along the road close to one of the trailheads but then you'll have to walk along the road to get back to your car and there are only a couple of spots. There are also more free parking lots here.

For public transportation, take the direct Mie Kotsu bus from Meitetsu Bus Center (Nagoya). It has one departure on weekdays and two on the weekend. Cost is 1500¥ one way. You can use your IC card or buy a ticket at the bus center.

Trail description

There are many different trailheads and trails to hike around Gozaisho and Kamagadake. Have a look at Yamap (click the map below) and choose the trail based on your fitness level and time. We took the ropeway up, hiked over to Kamagadake and then walked down to the ropeway.

Once you get out from the ropeway, walk towards the ski lift and peak of Gozaisho. Not much to see here, other than lots of concrete. After the peak keep walking and go to left/follow the sign for Buhei touge.

The first part is downhill and a bit slippery and sandy. Walk along the ridge and keep going straight. The last push to the peak is quite steep and was really muddy when we went. It's a bit like a scramble.

After the peak head back down to the ropeway. There are a couple of different trails, one is along a riverbed, we chose the middle one that passes by Yaichigatake.

If you go during summer watch out for mountain leeches. The Suzuka Mountains are infested with leeches. On the actual trail I've never seen any but around the waterfall you can see them crawling towards you. Bring salt just in case.

In winter Gozaisho is a ski resort, so bring adequate snow gear.

Elevation Profile & Map

I didn't record my hikes yet when I hiked it, so no elevaton profile. But it's mostly downhill after a bit of up to the peak.



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